Melinda Bam Ladies Night

Ladies’ night at West Acres with Melinda Bam was more than just a get-together. We celebrated being women in the core way that we were created and intended to be. Melinda shared her inspiring life story with us and gave us the motivation to just be ourselves in the best form that we can. Along with this inspiration, we had talented entertainment including Bandura Express with their lovely melodies on the marimbas and Sydwell Sithole spoiled us with his majestic voice.
We want to take hands with every woman that attended the event and bring them all together in unity in Potchefstroom! We are powerful women, we are an important part of the community and we will live as such! May all of you find the power in your soul to strive and just be the perfect version of you! #WomensMonth #WomensDay #LadiesNight

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